Paperless Office Software and Solutions 

 September 19, 2022

If papers are known for one thing, it’s massive time & money wasting. According to McKinsey, the average employee spends nearly 2 hours a day (9+ hours a week) searching for information on papers. With paperless software and solutions, stories like this disappear.

Even from a social point of view, massive paper production has such a direct negative touch on our environment, given that the average worker uses about 10,000 sheets a year.

If you’re considering a paperless office environment, this is the moment. Discover in this article, some of the most striking benefits of paperless office solutions, and what essential features to expect.


Paperless Office Solutions Benefits

  1. Easy Access to Information
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File rooms are the biggest time-wasting machines in any office. Why waste hours looking through files in a paper-driven office, when you can find literally any piece of information you need with an office application like Lumin pdf?

Many efficient digital tools allow for seamless storage of and access to company information from anywhere in the world. People can find and share data with much ease – Which makes for a productive workplace.

  1. Do more with Less: Efficiency

Paperless office software tools allow for much more efficiency in the office. You can have everything done in one place. File management, sales/marketing management, employee management, customer management, etc.

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Create and collaborate on documents, share these documents with superiors for feedback, store and protect these documents for easy but secured access, and even get digital signatures upon completion – with pdf reading software. This is the kind of dream efficiency that a smart pdf software like Lumin pdf proposes.

  1. File security & confidentiality

Which is more secure, passwords or a padlock? In a paper-driven office, it is common to find filing cabinets where important documents are organized. Padlocks are often the only form of security that these rooms offer.

With paperless office software such as cloud services, all your company’s data can be safeguarded and kept from prying eyes.

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There’s no better way to maintain confidentiality and integrity of your company’s data – with passwords, encryption keys, biometric locks, and 2-step authentication, your data is in safe digital hands.

  1. Digital backups to prevent loss

What happens when the office goes on fire? No backups with papers, that’s a sure loss! With software solutions, you can have all your company’s files stored and digital backups created on the cloud.

Even with the loss of your computer systems, network crashes, or system hacks, backups ensure that your valuable data is never lost.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Storage space for large physical files is expensive. You shouldn’t pay for a file room when you can store all of your data on the cloud at much less cost.

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But that’s not all, every 10,000 sheets of paper an employee uses costs about $120. That’s a ton of money if you consider 40, 50,… 100 employees a year. But for $9.99/month, you get 2TB of storage space with Google.

A paperless office is cost-effective!

Essential Features of a Paperless Office Solution

All paperless office solutions are not equal. Some have superior functionality, but what matters is that you find what meets your needs. Here are the essential features that an office solution should have.

Electronic signature

You’re the boss. So picture 100 files sitting on your desk waiting for your physical signature. When you’re in business, time is of the essence, and signing dozens of files is nothing short of a flat waste of time. With a paperless office solution, digital signatures take over. Sign once, use it anywhere, anytime.

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In case you have doubts, digital signatures are even more secure than handwritten signatures, and they’ll make work multiple times lighter for you.

Cloud storage

Your paperless office solution should either offer cloud services or allow seamless integration with a reputable cloud service provider. The reason is simple, you want to make sure that it’s easy to save your documents and other files to the cloud directly from your workspace.

Collaborative work

With remote work becoming even more prominent, a tool that allows for collaborative work should be at the top of your priorities. Collaborators should be able to communicate directly on the documents they’re working on, make real-time changes, and share feedback.

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A tool that enables efficient automation should be much welcome in your business. Paperless office software solutions can automate tasks, collaborative work, signatures, and communication. Automation will save you tons of time and money but more importantly, it will make your team ultra-productive.

File management and file conversion

File management is essential for every company’s work. You’re never efficient if you don’t manage files properly. Thankfully, your paperless office solution should take care of the hassle of file management for you, files should be carefully organized for easy access, and backups created for future use.

For example:

A ‘compress pdf tool’ for example, can help you reduce the size of pdf files to save space and facilitate file transfer.

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An OCR software pdf can also make life easy by extracting important text from images

File conversion is a core productivity feature that a paperless office software solution should have. Documents are created and edited in word or docx formats, but they should normally be shared in pdf formats. File conversion is essential for converting a  word document into a pdf.

Your office automation tools should allow you to convert between docx and pdf, image formats, PowerPoint formats, etc.

Go Paperless with Lumin PDF

Wondering what’s a great paperless office software you can begin with? Try Lumin PDF software for windows, MAC, and mobile devices. With Lumin PDF, you can create, edit, and collaborate on documents seamlessly and efficiently.

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Your files are efficiently managed for quick access; you and your team members can work together on the same document in real-time – add comments, images, and even digital signatures.

Use this merge pdf tool to combine several pdf documents. Convert and share files between multiple formats with our ‘convert pdf software’ and use the Google Drive integration for quick access to the cloud.


Going paperless could change everything for your business. From increased work productivity to huge time and money savings. There’s everything to gain from investing in a good paperless office software solution. Enjoy security and file confidentiality, collaborative work, quick access to files, access to the cloud, and much more.

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